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What is Just in Case?

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Save information that is important for to you. You decide what to save. Varying from the music at your funeral to an overview of your bank accounts.

For your best friends and family

As long as you are alive, nobody can access your digital legacy. Just in Case will make sure that your information will be delivered to your best friends and family.

Safe in the cloud

All your information is saved encrypted in the cloud.

The looks

Just in Case home screen
Just in Case answers screen
Just in Case trustees screen
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Initially we only release on iPhone. An Android version is certainly on our roadmap.

We will use your Dropbox account to store the information. It will be stored encrypted. Later we might add other popular storage services, according to user feedback.

This can be information like the songs that you want to be played on your funeral, who should take care of your pets or who knows your Facebook password. You will decide what you will save, nothing is compulsory. There also is the option to manually add a card in which you can put anything.

The people who can get access to your digital legacy, are called trustees. You appoint them, for example your best friends or family. When you (suddenly) pass, your trustees are able to report your passing. When 2 trustees confirm your passing, your digital legacy will be released.

Short answer: no, it is not. Our intention is not to make this a legal document. Our goal is to make the process easier for you and your trustees. Your digital legacy is a useful guideline, a way to tell your loved ones what you find important.

Nope, we will never sell your personal data to 3rd parties.

No, the trustees can easily interact with the platform via a website. They don't even have to create a password. They get a special link in their mail after accepting their role. This is their way to log in.

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