Create your digital legacy, just in case.

Just in Case is the platform to securely save your personal information. Only to be shared with your loved ones, when you suddenly pass away.

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Create your digital legacy

Maintain control over your legacy.
Easy-to-use question cards.

The question cards will guide you through the process of creating your digital legacy. You decide what you want to save. At any time you can add, edit or change cards.

For people you trust

Exclusively shared with people you trust.
To be released only after your passing has been confirmed.

The trustee system ensures your information won't be released when you are still alive. Appoint up to 5 people you trust, who can notify Just in Case of your passing. Add and remove trustees as you wish. Only after 2 out of 5 trustees confirm your passing, the information is released to them.

Save it securely, forever

Use Dropbox as storage.
Information is stored encrypted.

Just in Case uses your Dropbox account to save the information. It won't be accessible to your trustees, unless they report and confirm your passing. You always have a 24 hour period to cancel the planned release of your information.

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Initially we only release on iPhone. An Android version is certainly on our roadmap.

We will use your Dropbox account to store the information. It will be stored encrypted. Later we might add other popular storage services, according to user feedback.

This can be information like the songs that you want to be played on your funeral, what should happen with your pet or your Facebook password. You will decide what you will save, nothing is compulsory. We start with a set of questions that later will be expanded with more functionalities, based on user feedback.

Just in Case relies on a trustee system. You'll have to assign at least 3 trustees. Trustees are people you trust, like your best friends or family members. Your trustees will not receive any information as long as you are alive. In the unfortunate case of your passing, at least 2 trustees will have to confirm your passing. Only then will your information be released. You will always have a 24 hour time period to cancel the release of your information, in case of a mistake.